Property Law and Conveyancing

stock-photo-1131864-real-estate-saleWhen you are looking to market an existing property in your ownership or electing to buy a property it is important to identify key concerns such as:

  1. Is the title of the property Torrens Title or Old System, is it Freehold in Fee Simple or Conditional Purchase or Perpetual Lease or Leasehold ?
  2. Do easements, Rights of Carriageway, Restrictions as to User or unregistered dealings affect or burden the property in question?
  3. Does the property have soil contamination issues or if a rural property is it burdened with past stock or crop disease or pest notifications?
  4. Does the legal access to the property coincide in location with the current road formation being used?
  5. Has the house and or improvements been constructed and inspected under council approval and with the required inspections?

Your property purchase or sale usually represents a transaction involving your most expensive asset (by far). Don’t economise or trust to chance on something so important. Contact Mac Donald & MacDonald today to handle your matter for you. Ian has had years of experience in conveyancing in both NSW and Queensland for all types of real estate including: town and village allotments, strata title and community title property, farmlets, farms, off the plan developments , retirement villages and canal properties.

He brings over 20 years experience as a past Registered Surveyor to assist in development work, road and access problems.