Deceased Estate, Probate, Wills, Powers of Attorney and Appointment of Guardianship Matters

stock-photo-20117779-last-willWhen a loved one passes on either suddenly or after a painful illness few people are prepared for the separation.  At such times you need the assistance of a Solicitor prepared to listen and kindly advise and, to demystify the requirements of the Succession Act 2006 NSW. If your loved one dies intestate (that is without making a will) then the provisions of the Succession Amendment (Intestacy) Act 2009 apply.  If there is a will then the Executor of that will needs to contact a solicitor. If there is no evidence of a will then the spouse or the children (if 18 years or older) need to contact a solicitor and apply for Letters of Administration.

The Supreme Court of NSW and Queensland can require Executors and Administrators to account for assets and money trail up to 12 months after the date of death of the deceased. At Mac Donald and Mac Donald trust ledgers record all such monies received and dispensed to assist the client.

If you just require a new will or if in planning for later years you require a Power of Attorney or to make an Appointment of Guardianship (for Life decisions) Ian can assist you. Please Note:  if you delay to the point that you suddenly lack the capacity to create such documents then the impact on your love ones, both financially and emotionally, can be disastrous.